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MTW Book coverMaking Telecoms Work – from technical innovation to commercial success.

Bridging the industry divide between the technical expertise of engineers and the aims of market and business planners, Making Telecoms Work provides a basis for the interdisciplinary analysis of technology, engineering, market and business investment risk and opportunity.

Since mobile broadband has become a dominant deliverable, multiple areas of transition and transformation have occurred; the book places these changes in the context of the political, social and economic dynamics of global telecommunications.

Drawing on 25 years of participative experience in the mobile phone and telecommunications industry, the author closely analyses the materials, components and devices that have had a transformative impact.

By presenting detailed case studies of materials innovation, such as those shown at success story Apple, the book shows how the collaboration of technological imagination with business knowledge will shape the industry’s future.

  • Makes a link between the technical aspects and the business practice of the telecoms industry, highlighting the commercial and economic significance of new developments.
  • Gives a historical analysis of past successes and failures in order to identify future competitive advantage opportunities.
  • Supplies detailed case studies of supply chain disconnects and the impact these have on industry risk and profitability.
  • Brings together technological detail with analysis of what is and is not commercially important, from the implications of energy and environmental networks to the technical details of wireless network hardware.

Available from John Wiley or from Amazon or the American Book Exchange
ISBN 1119976413


3G Handset and Network Design

3G Handset and Network Design provides a comprehensive introduction to handset hardware, handset software and network hardware and software design.

The book was written in 2002 and published in 2003 but is still relevant and of interest to engineers involved in bringing 3G products and services to market.

We benchmark the impact of the physical layer and the application layer on handset design, how the changing form factor of handsets will change offered traffic loading over the next three to five years (most of our forecasts were right) and how this in turn influences network component design.

The book is also of interest to computing and data networking professionals needing to understand the practical issues of implementing mobile multi media.

Available from John Wiley or from Amazon or the American Book Exchange
ISBN 0 471 22936 9


Data Over Radio

Co authored by Geoff Varrall and Roger Belcher and published by Quantum Publishing in 1992, Data Over Radio reviews fundamental RF device technology, baseband processing techniques, modulation and channel coding and spread spectrum theory and practice.

Available from Amazon and American Book Exchange
ISBN 0 930633-14-8


Mobile Radio Servicing Handbook

Co authored by Geoff Varrall, Roger Belcher, David Ogley and Mike Fitch and published by Heinemann Newnes in 1989 the Mobile Radio Servicing Handbook reviews propagation and freqency utilisation, the principles and practice of RF communication, frequency sysnthesiser circuit principles, principles of RF measurement, calibration, test and fault finding, component identification and handling, EMC issues in design and antenna selectin, installation, fault finding and maintenance.

Available from Amazon and American Book Exchange
ISBN 0 434 92187-4

Books to borrow - Telecommunication titles

RTT has a small but useful technical library. 
Here is the list of titles.
If you would like to borrow books for research let us know; there is no charge for this service though we do need to recover shipping costs.