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5G and Satellite Spectrum Standards and Scale - latest book from RTT

5G and Satellite Spectrum Standards and Scale provides an update on 3GPP Release 16 and 17 and the related ‘New Radio’ physical layer specifications. It also captures the emerging focus on discrete vertical markets and their specific physical layer and upper layer protocol and performance requirements.

However over the past two years there has been a remarkable technical and commercial transformation in the satellite industry with new service models emerging both from existing established geostationary orbit (GSO), Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) and Low Earth Orbit (LEO) operators and from ’NEWLEO’ operators such as OneWeb, Space X and LEOSAT.

A combination of hardware innovation, manufacturing innovation, launch innovation, constellation innovation and business model innovation is having a profound impact on delivery cost and performance both at individual user level and IOT device level and a persuasive case can be made that many 5G vertical market use cases could potentially be served more efficiently from space.

These satellite systems scale from UHF though L Band, S band, C band with broad band fixed and mobile wireless connectivity delivered primarily over a mix of Ku, K and Ka band spectral assets. Cell radii scale from 2 kilometres to 2000 kilometres.

Coexistence between NEWLEO and established GSO and MEO and LEO operators is managed by implementing a range of angular power separation techniques combined with power control algorithms that potentially support frequency use both between multiple satellite constellations and 5G terrestrial services but many regulatory and competitive positioning issues need to be resolved before these techniques can be deployed and trusted universally.

5G and Satellite Spectrum Standards and Scale documents these techniques and the associated interference modelling and explores the evolving business and financial and commercial implications of this transformation process.

In particular we study the implications for WRC 2019 (the follow on World Radio Congress to WRC2015) and related 5G and satellite standards work and in broader terms discuss the likely impact on the future enterprise value of satellite and 5G operators and their associated supply chains and the role of other stakeholders including Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon and their emerging Asian competition (Ali Baba and Ten Cent).

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