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5G Research from RTT

To be economically sustainable, 5G will need to go faster and further at lower cost using less power than present and future 4G LTE systems.

In terms of the physical layer, considerable research is being dedicated to massive MIMO systems implemented in TDD spectrum.

However it is hard to see how this approach can deliver significant  benefit over present and future Wi-Fi technologies.

5G will need to be capable of supporting high data rate high mobility users in wide area large radius cells with a dynamic range of the order of 100dB.

This can only be done economically by exploiting fractional beam width antennas deployed into FDD spectrum with channel bandwidth ratios that are efficient both in terms of RF efficiency and multiplexing gain.

By default this requires 5G to be deployed into the centimetre band (channel bandwidths of 250 MHz) and millimetre bands (channel bandwidths of 500 MHz and 1 GHz).

This means that it is essential to coordinate 5G technical and commercial planning with existing and future satellite industry business models, satellite spectum and (FDD) band plans, satellite space assets, satellite network topologies and the satellite industry supply chain.

This is covered in depth in a new syndicated research study :
A timely and critical investigation into 5G and satellite industry supply chain economics and spectral and space asset value
from RTT, Policy Tracker and The Mobile World coordinated in association with Collaborata.

The study provides a definitive economic and technical analysis of the 5G and satellite industry supply chain with an associated forward forecast of future asset and business value and relative competitive positioning.

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5G spectrum and standards bookLearn about the real life performance trade-offs between the metre band (300 MHz to 3 GHZ), centimetre band (3 GHz to 30 GHz) and millimetre band (30 to 300 GHz) by ordering Geoff’s new book 5G Spectrum and Standards
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This month’s (December) technology topic, Dormancy, Density, Devices, reviews how dormancy determines IOT power consumption and the related impact of network density and device design on throughput efficiency.
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