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5G and Satellite RF and Optical Integration

We are delighted to announce that our new book, 5G and Satellite RF and Optical Integration is now available to order for immediate shipment.

The book has eleven Chapters packed with useful information.

Chapter 1 covers 5G radio spectrum including RF C Band, RF link budgets and active and passive device efficiency.

Topics addressed in the rest of the book include:
Chapter 2 Optical C Band link budgets and active and passive device efficiency
Chapter 3 RF over Fiber- link budgets and network architectures
Chapter 4 Space RF Link Budgets
Chapter 5 Optical Inter Satellite Links (OISL)
Chapter 6 Deep Space and Near Sace technologies
Chapter 7 Ground Station and Earth Station Hardware and Software
Chapter 8 Low Altitude Platforms
Chapter 9 High Altitude Platforms
Chapter 10 RF and Optical Technology Enablers
Chapter 11 Technology Economics of RF and Fibre for terrestrial and space networks.

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If you are interested in writing a book for Artech House or have research work you would like included in future 5G and 6G and satellite titles then email geoff@rttonline.com who can put you in touch with the Artech commissioning team.